Subject Re: [IBO] Contextual help: Possible bug in TIB_Grid
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Jason,

> Would you mind looking in the VCL code to see how it should
> work with other components and then it should be pretty easy
> to drop in the necessary code in TIB_Grid.

I have spent three days in the VCL intricacy and resolved nothing. Normally,
when you click the ? button of the form and then the control, a WM_HELP message
is generated holding the handle of the control on which you have clicked. The
only component/method that responds to this message is TCustomForm.WMHelp. So
far so good. A click on any control (included your TIB... data-aware controls)
generates this message, but a click on TIB_Grid generates nothing, and I can't
figure it out. It seems that TIB_Grid is able to eat this message, or to not
generate it. I have given a look at the various WM... and CM... protected
methods of TIB_Grid, but none of them seem suitable to eat such message IMHO.
Even placing a breakpoint with condition Message.Msg = 83 (WM_HELP) in each of
these methods, execution never reaches them. I'm stuck...

Ah, a normal TDBGrid works as expected and I get the requested contextual help
from it. Then, since both TDBGrid and TIB_Grid descend somehow from TCustomGrid,
I think that the problem may be located in TIB_Grid and not in the VCL, but