Subject RE: [IBO] Contextual help: Possible bug in TIB_Grid
Author Jason Wharton
This is very likely the case.
Would you mind looking in the VCL code to see how it should work with other
components and then it should be pretty easy to drop in the necessary code
in TIB_Grid.


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> Subject: Re: [IBO] Contextual help: Possible bug in TIB_Grid
> hello Jason,
> I expect it to work as the other IBO components and the other
> Delphi components.
> I have set up:
> HelpKeyword := 'Fast void/delete grid'
> HelpType := htKeyword
> Of course, the string 'Fast void/delete grid' is well
> declared in the help file
> as context string for that topic.
> But this is the problem that I have found after another
> check: After having
> clicked on the ? button the cursor becomes a question
> mark/arrow. When I click
> on the TIB_Grid in this state, the row of the grid is
> selected instead of giving
> me the contextual help I have requested. It seems that the
> grid eats WM_HELP
> messages.
> Regards
> Salvatore