Subject transaction behaviour with TIBODataset
Author henry FRANQUET

As I have migrate from BDE to IBObject for a application with success,
I have to add some new features to that application and I need some
help to make the good choice ...

For now, all the transactions, except for report (snapshot), use the
Read committed mode. The new feature is a batch, running on the
server which updates, inserts rows on tables. This batch should have
the priority over users (ie when a row is updated, this update
invalidate user's update and the user have to verify data and make a
new post)

First how shall I use TIB component in the batch, a TIBODatabase and
TIB_DSQL (transaction mode, ..) in order to force the update ?

Second, how can I visualise to the user (TIBODatabase, TIBOQuery and
TIBOTable) the modified values without losing his own update when his
post fails because of the batch update ?