Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Script
Author Jason Wharton
If you can use the same statement over and over again by replacing parameter
values then use the TIB_DSQL component in a prepared state for all of them
executing for each one.

If you need a different sql statement for each one then use TIB_Script
because it just sends each statement to the server for execution totally
skipping the overhead of preparing the statement on the client-side.

If you already have each statement isolated simply use the
ExecuteImmediate() method and send your statement right to the server
directly without stuffing it in a script to then have to be parsed out.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] TIB_Script
> I apologize for my numerous posts. I am trying to rewrite an
> application to improve the performance. This means getting into the
> nitty gritty of IBObjects.
> When using a TIB_Script is the SQL that is posted to the database
> treated differently than with a TIB_DSQL?
> Would it be better to fill a TIB_Script with several UPDATE and
> INSERT statements and then run the script, or rather just submit the
> UPDATE or INSERT statements using a TIB_DSQL?
> Bill