Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Script
Author Lester Caine
Bill Gage wrote:

> I apologize for my numerous posts. I am trying to rewrite an
> application to improve the performance. This means getting into the
> nitty gritty of IBObjects.
> When using a TIB_Script is the SQL that is posted to the database
> treated differently than with a TIB_DSQL?
> Would it be better to fill a TIB_Script with several UPDATE and
> INSERT statements and then run the script, or rather just submit the
> UPDATE or INSERT statements using a TIB_DSQL?

I use both equally. Where you have a block of stuff in tabular form,
then TIB_Script means that you do not have to strip of each line and
process it. Useful when coming from other systems into IBO, especially
if you can format the incoming data at source ;)

If you are reading the data in line by line, then a single insert that
you prepare and just update the parameters on each iteration will be faster.

Either approach, you would bracket with a startTransaction/Commit and
would form a natural work unit - which you may want to supplement with
additional commits in the script, or every 100-1000 iterations. Depends
how quickly other connections need the data available.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services