Subject is this possible?
Author Gediminas
have tables:
TourTable : TourID (PK)....
GroupTable: GroupID (PK) , TourID (FK) , ....
GroupMemb : GroupMemID (PK), GroupID (FK), MemID (FK) , ....

Each TourID could have different (under some circumstances) number of
GroupID; each GroupID could also have different number of MemID.

I want to get all TourID information in grid (IBObjects TIB_Grid) so,
that each grid line would represend all GroupMemID with the same
(each line shows this group member IDs), result example could be such:
GroupID1 GroupMemID01 GroupMemID02 GroupMemID03 GroupMemID04
GroupID2 GroupMemID05 GroupMemID06 GroupMemID07 NULL
GroupID3 GroupMemID08 GroupMemID09 GroupMemID10 NULL

Would like to write selectable SP, but don't know, how to manage
dynamic output field number (in one case could be into :GroupID ,
:GroupID1, :GroupID2, in an another case - into :GroupID, :GroupID1,
:GroupID2, :GroupID3, :GroupID4).

Is this possible with the FB1.5 selectable procedure & IBObjects? for
display going to use modified TIB_Grid component

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