Subject (Fwd) Re: [IBO] Change ORDER changer to desc in OnPrepareSQL
Author G. Nau
I've implemented an OnPrePapareSQL statement as you described
to invert the choose sorting, but it's not working.

a.) Is sqlorder WriteOnly? Every reference to sqlorder.commatext is
given empty strings, sqlorder.Count is always 0 no matter how many
ADDs I do)

b.) Sqlorder.add is only accepting single columnnames; I made
some tests with direct columnnames
b.1) SQLOrder.Add('KURZNAME,REF'); -> error: Table unknown
b.1) SQLOrder.Add('KURZNAME DESC'); -> Token unknown

So I assume the parser isn't really accepting my entries, is it?

forgot about my mail above!
I've changed using the OrderItem properties and switched sort there
without modifying the SQLOrder stringlist.


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