Subject Re: [IBO] Any way to get the alias list from the client ?
Author mocte_sv

"Helen Borrie" <helebor@...> escribió en el mensaje
> The only way to do this would be to for the client app to read
> aliases.conf
> on the server - which in well-configured networks would be blocked for
> security reasons.


> On the other hand, using the firebird aliases in the app, instead of
> paths,
> is highly desirable, since the app need not be aware at all of the
> path.


> I would want to replace the path elements in your ini file with alias
> names. When deploying, you will need some little script routine to
be run
> on the server to add or update aliases.conf so that the aliases used by
> your app will be found by connections. If you use very meaningful names
> for
> your aliases - such as accounts, personnel, etc. then it will be very
> simple for your users to choose the right database.

Yeah, I was trying to take advantage of the aliases.conf, reading the
with some API function may be, but now I've figured out this is not
I'll look for another solution,


> Helen
> At 08:45 PM 8/02/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>>Does any one knows if there is a way to get the firebird aliases from
>>a Delphi app? Let me explain myself, I have an application which
>>connects to n number of databases, actually I have an INI file with
>>Database alias and his configuration (Protocol, server, path) in it,
>>but now with Firebird 1.5 I think I can eliminate this INI file and
>>show the list of databases (I mean just the alias) as a ListBox to the
>>end user and he can choose to which database connect, Does anyone
>>knows how to achieve this ?