Subject RE: [IBO] IBOQuery: How to create TField for selected fields at runtime?
Author Daniel Jimenez
> If you have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate them.
> Tommorrow I start in adding a IBOQuery for every TDataSet
> query for which I need to decrypt. I'd love not to have to do
> that, instead just reusing a single query component over and over.
> Thank you for your help and thoughts on this,
> Chuck Belanger


I am relatively new to IB Objects. However, I wrote an app late last year
following a similar concept to you, that is:

> just reusing a single query component over and over.

Actually I took it one step further, and decided to reuse Grids, ComboBox
and LookupList,etc. Thus programmatically setting/resetting all required

Unfortunately I found my self having to do an enormous amount of extra work,
to make sure that the query and every other reused component was "clean"
prior to reuse, as in some instances I was getting very strange results.
Thus, I ended up refactoring the app, and dropping the idea of reusing
queries, grids, etc.

As I mention earlier, I am new to IB Objects, and find it to be a fantastic
tool, but I wish that reusing components would be as easy as calling some
"ClearForReuse()" method. :-))))

unrealistic wish, I know.

Good luck.

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