Subject Re: [IBO] IBOQuery: How to create TField for selected fields at runtime?
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi, Daniel and thanks for the reply:

> When are you trying to assign the routine?

in the OnAfterPrepare event

Would it work in another event: AfterOpen, perhaps? but that seems too late.

> And, could you post the
> exact error message?

I'm on my other computer. Essentially the error is that "Field "name" is not
found." Per Helen's email's I guess it means that I didn't create a persistent
TField in the IDE. I really would like not having to add a bunch of IBOQuery
(TDataSet) components to my program and then manually creating TFields, but per
Helen that sounds like what I'll have to do--since I'm using Woll2Woll

I tried what Helen suggested, i.e. look at the
IBOQuery.InternalDataset.FieldbyName() and tried assigning that to my IB_Column
array and it gave the same error as the attempt at a TField assignment. Maybe
I'm missing something here. I could find no documentation or any examples for
any of this.

If you have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate them. Tommorrow I start in
adding a IBOQuery for every TDataSet query for which I need to decrypt. I'd love
not to have to do that, instead just reusing a single query component over and

Thank you for your help and thoughts on this,

Chuck Belanger

> It should normally work, but it might all depend
> on when you are doing it.
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