Subject Re: [IBO] DCU's for Delphi2005 ???
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:36 AM 4/02/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>Where can i find the DCU or the Libraries especific to can install IBO
>4.5 Ai in Delphi9 /2005 ????

You don't need libraries. The installer will create them. However, it is
highly likely you will have to search for them and move them, especially if
you have added Microsoft plug-ins to D2005.

>for a extrange reason the installer does not put any file in the D2005
>directory... but many other packages install with out problems...
>can you tell me where download the files of that folder so i can
>install it manually

There are no DCUs currently available for D2005 --- Delphi 7 is as high as
I go. Perhaps someone else can make up a DCU pack for D2005. I'm hoping
Jason will be able to do something about the problems with Eval installer
this weekend...if the DCU problem is resolved, it should be possible to
follow up the installer's work and use the package sources to do a
reinstallation to your custom IDE configuration.