Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Missing dcu's Ibobjects4.5 for Delphi 5
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:31 AM 4/02/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>Hi Helen,
>I'm not sure if I've mucked it up, but now that I've copied the dcu's
>to ibobjects/D5 directory.
>It's now claiming IBODataset.dcu in missing, when i drop
>storedprocedures, queries etc in a new project.
>Again tried to look for Ibodataset.dcu and can't be found.

You didn't mention that ibodataset.dcu was added...but please
let's try not to bloat these DCU packs unnecessarily. Before requesting a
DCU, try to establish that a particular DCU is actually missing.

From what I can tell from the full install, the installer is not compiling
DCUs for some units at all, in some editions of Delphi. In some cases, the
eval install is deleting both the .pas files (intended) and some of the
main .dcu files (unintended).

I'm also not very happy about the installer writing BPLs in places other
than where *I* want them. With other packages you get no choice. It used
to be a benefit of IBO, with the previous BPG installs, that you could
choose your own places for locating things. I have to say I don't like the
installer at all, because I've had to break my component trees completely,
in three versions of Delphi, to install these kits and compile the missing
DCUs for the eval kit.

The installer approach does have the advantage of "dumbing down" the
installation of a very large suite of inter-dependent packages. IMO, the
average database app developer doesn't need "dumb" as much as s/he needs
filesystem flexibiity. If it got down to a consumer vote, I'd vote to
revert to the BPG install.

Please do search both your IBO root and the ..\D5 sub-directory...and any
other custom paths that you have configured in your IDE defaults. Part of
the problem with the installer is that it mistakenly assumes people will
have a conventional default path setup. It's no sin to be unconventional
(we are not slaves to Borland's idomatic standards!!) but it is likely to
result in things showing up in wild places.

Also make sure your library path actually points to the IBO root,
please. I do urge people to create your intended IBO root *before* you run
the installer.