Subject Staff programming position part-time for IBO
Author Jason Wharton
Attention all:

I am looking to add a staff programmer to my team behind IBO. I am not
satisfied with my level of resolution of bugs and my forward motion with new
features due to other things demanding my time. As a result I am looking to
have assistance to help me make better use of my time while providing a
better product to my customers.

Job requirements are as follows:
Must have reasonable command of the English language in type.
Must have skills with component development in Delphi.
Must have skills with InterBase or Firebird.
Must be interested in .NET programming.
Must work on a contract basis with no benefits, etc.
A plus is experience with IBO.
A plus is affordable compensation.
A plus is web-site development skills.

All candidates who would like to be considered, please forward your
resume/CV to my private email address. Include how many hours per week you
have to dedicate, your minimum hour requirements per week, the compensation
rate you require and a detailed description of your experience as well as
things you hope to learn more of in the future.

The possibilities of this position could expand as I enter into the .NET
realm and convert this into a full-time staff position once IBO is
established in this new market niche.

Thanks for all those who respond.

Jason Wharton