Subject 2 Queries with same Parameters
Author Rick Roen
I have a report that pulls up line items for customer invoices by
date range. The parameters are supplied by TIB_Edit and TIB_Date
controls that have their ParamName property set. There are three
parameters in all - one for the customer number and two for the
begin/end date range.

This works fine.

I also have another query with the same parameters that does a Sum
on the total of these items. I'd like this query to use the same
parameters and change along with the edit and date controls, but I
don't know how to hook into the change.

Is there some property that will be triggered on a param change in
the first query so I can provide them to the second? I'd like
something like the MasterParamLink property, but this seems to only
use column links to the master table. I need to link to the params
in the master to get the date range.