Subject Re: [IBO] Cant Edit Current Row
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:40 AM 2/02/2005 +1000, you wrote:

>Can anyone make a suggestion ?
>I have converted a SQL Server DB to FDB, and am accessing using
>IBODatasets, however, when i go to make a change to any of the rows that
>appear in my DBGRID i get the error 'Cant edit current row',
>Has anyone crossed this and is there a simple solution, or direction to

Output from SQL is, by nature, not editable. To "edit" datasets (or insert
or delete) the data access components do stuff to hook up DML statements
that are bound to the columns of the SELECT statement output. You need the

1. Set the KeyLinks (this is a stringlist of the columns that go to make
up a unique key for the output set - the primary key columns in a simple
2. Set RequestLive true (if the set is a simple SELECT) or set EditSQL,
DeleteSQL and InsertSQL properties (parameterised SQL statement strings) if
it is a joined set or a selectable stored procedure.