Subject Re: [IBO] IBO with pure Firebird environments
Author Ryan Nilsson
Thanks for your input on this Nando,

No, I'm not overriding the PATH.
I have IBO installed in C:\IBO, default bpl output path, I'm using D6
but that shouldn't matter.

I'm only having trouble connecting from inside the IDE.
If I rename fbclient to gds32 it connects fine.

Note that my app will RUN fine, and loads fbclient (from either its
own directory or from system folder). It's only when I try to connect
from WITHIN the IDE that it complains about gds32.

If I have gds32 in system directory ONLY I can connect from within the
IDE but when I run it it fails, so clearly the compiled output is only
looking for fbclient, but from inside Delphi it seems to only want gds32.

Its almost like IBO doesn't listen to its own constants (I know thats
wrong, but I'm stumped)

--- In, Nando Dessena <nando@d...> wrote:
> Ryan,
> R> I'm sorry, I should have made it clear in my post but fbclient.dll is
> R> in the system path.
> R> I'm testing on a new, blank app with only a single TIB_Connection
> R> component on it but it's still throws the GDS32.DLL error.
> just re-tested - works fine here. You only need to recompile
> IBO40CRT_D7. Are you by chance overriding the PATH variable in the
> Delphi IDE?
> Ciao
> --
> Nando Dessena