Subject Installing IBO
Author Robert martin

We have a new computer and are trying to install the version of IBO we
are currently using on it (4.3a). We are using Delphi 6.

Following the instructions in the howtoInstall.txt file re encounter a
problem where it reports that

C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi6\Projects\Bpl\IBO40CRT_D6.bpl is not
available (even though the file is there) and that re installing may
solve the problem (it doesn't). Does anybody have any ideas?

We did get the components to install by copying all the .bpl files into
the IBO source directory (YUK). However restarting Delphi presented us
with the same error message as above.

This is a brand new install of Delphi and has had service pack 2
installed on it.

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