Subject RE: [IBO] IBO with pure Firebird environments
Author Jason Wharton
In the next release of IBO it has been designed to look first for the
Firebird client and then if it doesn't find it to go ahead and load
GDS32.dll if it finds it. It is also going to be possible to at least
unload the client and reload it with a different DLL without having to close
the application. This still isn't as good as I would like it, but its a
step in the right direction. What I would like to be able to do is have a
TIB_Session that has its own client dll so that you can have more than one
in the app and thus have a Firebird session and an InterBase session in the
same application. The problem I'm having getting there is I currently rely
on some global settings for my trace monitor.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] IBO with pure Firebird environments
> I've used the IB_Session_FB15 workaround to get my apps to only use
> fbclient.dll in their installs without a problem. Because I do not use
> Interbase at all, nor anything below Firebird 1.5 I wanted to remove
> gds32.dll from the win\sys32 directory altogether, effectively having
> a pure Firebird setup, sans gds32.
> My app still compiles and runs without any problems, but when I try to
> connect with some IBO component from the IDE, IBO tells me that
> GDS32.DLL is not installed.
> Does it require modifying IB_Constants.pas IB_GDS32 var to fbclient,
> AND THEN a complete re-compile / install of IBO for this to
> be possible?
> I have read the many discussions on the gds32/fbclient issues, the FB
> release notes, the FB Win32LibInstall.txt and the relevant chapters in
> the Firebird book. I understand the reasons behind gds32 existing, but
> if my scenario does not fit any of them (I only have Firebird 1.5/IBO
> environments) I got the impression that fbclient could be all I
> needed, but not being able to connect in design time is not an option.
> I know I'm digging in frustrating & repeated territory, but even if I
> have to modify more than just IB_Constants, is it possible?