Subject how to change DMLCache notification behaviour without write code?
Author Marco Menardi
Ibo native, 4.5B, D6pro, Win2K
Hi, I need the DMLCacheReceived behaviour be RefreshKeys instead of
the standard behaviour (don't ask me why, but with the standard one
the data aren't updated in visual controls).
Is there a way to simply change the default action? Now I've put code
in the OnDMLCacheReceivedItem event, but would like to know if there
is a faster way.
In addition, the code snipped in the Tech Sheet is good only for
single record dataset. If, for instance, you have detail datasets, the
buffer should be scanned to see if there is a record containing the
same key of the updated record.
Also, with a delete, I've been not able to compare key of the current
record of a notified dataset inside the OnDMLCacheReceivedItem because
the field value of the primary key is always Unassigned (null?), while
should not until I do something to refresh the dataset. Does
FieldByName().Value force some update/refresh?
Marco Menardi