Subject Re: [IBO] Re: How to use bookmarks like tTable and tQuery?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Is there any problem to use the trigger like I posted? Because it's a
> trigger only or Before Insert event...
> I tried to use triggers like u said when I was learning about Firebird
> + IBO, but, I was getting error messages in Delphi like "Registro_id
> is a required field and cannot be null", and so I suppres "IF
> (NEW.REGISTRO_ID IS NULL) THEN" and set registro_id to receive 0
> (zero) as default value in IBO.
> After I changed all my triggers and code like this, I heard about
> setting registro_id field to a not required field, but, sincerely, I
> didn't do any change...

Lookup the GeneratorLinks property of your query component and set it to
something like that:


IBO now automatically fetches the next generator value in your client
application when you insert a new record. Perhaps you were missing this
piece of information as well?

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