Subject How to use bookmarks like tTable and tQuery?
Author Andrei Luís

How do I "find" the last posted record?

Something like that:


After this, myIB_query.State is dssBrowse. That's OK. But, the pointer
isn't at this last posted record, instead of this, it is at the first

I'm using BufferSynchroFlags = [bsAfterEdit, bsAfterInsert] <- it's OK
to do that?
If I use BufferSynchroFlags = [], it works properly, and the pointer
stay in the las posted record.

I'm planning to use bookmarks like I used to do with paradox, but IBO
doesn't have GetBookmark and GotoBookmark, and I didn't understand
exactly how to use IBO Bookmarks and SelectedBookmarks...

Can someone help me?

I don't know if I gave a good explanation, my english is a little rusty.


W2K + D4 Pro + FB 1.5.2 + IBO 4.5B