Subject MultiThreading : 2 TIB_Connection per thread
Author aosylvain

I'm working on a multi-threaded replication program. I took as a
starting point the "Threads" demo.

In this demo, there's only one TIB_Connection on the datamodule. I
have to manage two TIB_Connections (I have to read from the first
connection and write to the other one, then read from the second one
and write to the first one)

So the two TIB_Connections are on the same thread. I have 20 thread
like this, each with access to different FB servers.

The question is : How many TIB_Session should I use on the datamodule
? One or two ?

In the IBO Help file, I read "IMPORTANT !! When doing this, make sure
that it is the first in the module's creation order and that ONLY ONE
is placed on a module."

If I use only one connection, Have I something to do to "connect" the
two TIB_Connections to the TIB_Session ?

PS : Sorry if this post is twice, I've problems with the first message.