Subject TIB_Lookupcombo hiding in grid?
Author John vd Waeter
Hi all,

Sorry if this looks like a repost. My messages do not show up in the
list. Don't know why...

using ibobject 4.5B on Delphi 7, xp2.

I followed all the steps in the controls tutorial, however...

When I drop the tib_lookupcombo on a TIB_Grid, in order to achieve a
combobox when editing or inserting, the combolookup is there but somehow
its hiding itself behind the (correct) cell in the grid. If I click the
cell, the dropdownbutton very shortly shows up, but then hides itself
again. I also can no longer scroll the grid. If I cut the lookupcombo
from the grid and paste it somewhere else on the form, setting visible
back to true, it works as expected... even changing the corresponding
value in the grid....

What can be wrong that stops the combolookup from becoming really
visible and making the grid no longer scrollable?