Subject TIB_Components.pas Problem
Author Hans
Hello Jason,

A fix for your next release ...

Boy, that took me a while, bald now, but I did find it :)

TIB_Components is throwing an address exception
in the procedure
tmpStr[Length( tmpStr ) + SQLScale] := DecimalSeparator;

On a TIBOQuery with non persistant fields, tmpStr became '6' with a StrLen
of 1, which
of course with SQLScale = -2, will create an address exception

I changed it to

//Hans fix
// tmpStr[Length( tmpStr ) + SQLScale] := DecimalSeparator;
L := Length( tmpStr ) + SQLScale;
if L >= 1 then
tmpStr[L] := DecimalSeparator;

which cured the exception, but maybe another type of fix is preferred.

I haven't scanned all the IBO code if this coding is repeated somewhere

Best Regards