Subject Creating fields in IB_Query for offline use with CachedUpdates
Author roufusoffv
I need a memory dataset compatible with IBObjects. I am using the
IBO native components and controls for all database interaction, but
I also have non-database data that I need to work with. I have
configuration files, complex programatically generated data and
other miscellaneous types of information that I would like to be
able to display and edit in the same controls I use for my database

Currently, I'm using an IB_Query with CachedUpdates turned on, but I
haven't gotten it completely figured out yet. I can fill the SQL
property with a dummy query that gives me the appropriate columns
but returns no rows, and then insert and edit rows from there,
cancelling it all when I'm done. That part works fine. What I'd like
to do is generate the field structure without involving the
database. Its important for me to be able to access my memory data
when not connected to the database at all.

Is there a way in code or data to define and open the query without
preparing it in a way that accesses the database? Can I initialize
the fields manually? It seems to me that there must be a way to do
what I'm looking for, since the IB_Query can parse the
CalculatedFields property on the client side. Maybe I could
directly access the fields or bufferfields? I just don't know where
to go next.

Thank you for your assistance,

Shawn Zilbert