Subject Cannot edit a TIB_Query if there is INNER JOIN at SQL
Author Andrei Luís
Hi, it's me again... :-)

I'm using INNER JOIN in a TIB_Query that I use to show the data in a
form, and, in this form, I want to allow editing and inserting. But,
I'm getting error messages "Cannot edit record" and "Cannot insert

I want to edit only fields of "from" clause, not the fields that INNER
JOIN brings.

If I remove INNER JOIN from SQL, insert and edit work fine.

Is this a Firebird feature? Is this an IBO feature? Or is this a limitation/bug?

If so, whats the solution? Do I need to do the join using where? Or
should I use sub-selects?


W2K + D4 Pro + FB 1.5.2 + IBO 4.5B