Subject RE: ibo popup menu missing in D2005
Author Yiorgos Stamoulis
>Do you mean the component editors for design-time assistance in
>There is a single package that must be installed and if it isn't installed
>then the editors are not going to be available.
>It is the IBO40EDT.dpk package.

Let me start by apologizing for my incompetence in Delphi Configuration.

Please bear with me.

Here is what I've done:

1. Clean installation WinXP (VMWare )
2. Full, clean D2005 installation, no errors.
3. Installation ibobjects (current trial version) by running
IBO4_5.exe, everything is OK.
4. Copy C:\WINDOWS\system32\$(BDSPROJECTSDIR)\Bpl\* to
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Borland Studio Projects\Bpl\
5. Start D2005, no errors.
6. Start new VCL Forms Application - Delphi for Win32, insert any IBO
component on a from, right click > no editor menu !

Configuring IB Objects via the Object Inspector works, project compiles
and runs OK but is no Fun :-(

Going to D2005 menu > Components > Install Packages I have 'IB Objects
Editors' ticked, pointing to C:\Documents and Settings\user\My
Documents\Borland Studio Projects\Bpl\IBOEDT_D2005.bpl

This is what you meant, right ?

Is there a step I have overlooked?
something more in step #3 above maybe?