Subject ibo popup menu missing in D2005
Author Yiorgos Stamouilis
I have been playing with the trial vesion (the one that are currently
available for download, 3/19/2005 Release 4.5 B according to
ReleaseNotes.rtf, 4.5 Ai according to Add/Remove programs) of ibobjects
on D7 with great sucess (Jason you are a genius).

Then I installed D2005 (Win32 only, no .NET, without unistalling D7) in
order to test compatibility, new features, etc.

After taking care of the .bpl path issue I was happy to discover my
projects compiled and worked staight away. :-)

And then I discovered that the popup menus were missing the ibobjects
specific entries !
see below

normal menu:
what I get:

I spend the next couple of evenings reading past posts of this list,
googling around (~nothing), uninstalling D7, D2005, ibo, wiping
hdd/registry of any traces of either, reinstalling D2005 (NO D7 this
time), reinstalling ibo, . . . . back to square 1

Has anyone come across the same problem?

What am I missing?

Thank you