Subject Re: [IBO] Converting BDE to IBO
Author Daniel Rail

At November 4, 2005, 2:09 PM, Andrei Luís wrote:

> Hi, I wrote something wrong...

> This: if tbCustomerActive then ....

> Should be this: if tbCustomerActive.asBoolean then ....

What you could do is a "Find and Replace" and globally replace
"asBoolean" with "asString='T'". You can do unit by unit, by using
Delphi's "Find and Replace" in the Search menu, or use a utility like
GReplace( to replace all of
the occurrences in your code, without having to open each unit/form
separately. Once they are all replaced, then you can try to compile
your code and handle the cases where you might have to put parenthesis
around the new changes(by trying to compile your code it makes it
easier to locate the code that needs the attention).

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