Subject Re: [IBO] Converting BDE to IBO
Author Daniel Rail

At November 4, 2005, 9:18 AM, Andrei Luís wrote:

> 2005/11/4, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>:
>> At 09:41 AM 4/11/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>> >Hi Helen,
>> >
>> >CHECK (value in ('N', 'S'))
>> >
>> >I do the tests with two fields. One using the domain above, and other
>> >field without domain. The result was the same: both 'N' (false) and
>> >'S' (true) are handle as false!!! Tried with 'T' and 'F', and didn't
>> >works too.
>> >
>> >I don't know what is happen.
>> Do you have these properties set in your DBCheckBox?
>> DBCheckBox1.ValueChecked := 'S';
>> DBCheckBox1.ValueChecked := 'N';
>> I don't think TDBCheckBox is specifically for Boolean pairs like
>> TIB_CheckBox is...

> Just changed that properties and still didn't work. I used a lot of
> TDBCheckbox with Paradox, and it always works fine with boolean
> fields. As I concern it is specially made for this.

With TDBCheckBox, there are two properties that you can set in
design-time or in run-time(as Helen already pointed out). Those
properties are ValueChecked and ValueUnchecked. By default, they are
set to True and False, but they can be changed to whatever value you
need. As an example, I assign them as follows ValueChecked:='T' and
ValueUnchecked:='F'. You can use whatever value you need for those
properties. And, I did the same exercise 5 years ago when I migrated
a Paradox application to Firebird using Delphi 5 and IBO.

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