Subject Re: [IBO] Converting BDE to IBO
Author Andrei Luís
Hi Enrico, thanks for your answer.

I do like you suggested, but still having the same problem. Doesn't
matter if I have 'T' or 'F', the boolean field is always shown as

I put the code below in a Button.onClick to test the field value and
to debug and that's it: always false.

if IBOTable1MyBoolean.value then
messageDlg('It is True', mtinformation, [mbOK],0);

Doesn't matter if I change .value to .asBoolean or .asBoolean=True.
The result is the same...

Do u have an idea?


2005/11/4, Enrico Raviglione <e.raviglione@...>:
> > I already have a "boolean" domain like the examples you said.
> > Sorry I didn't mention that before. :-(
> >
> > Well, I follow the steps you gave me, and now when I add the
> > "booleans" fields in TIBOTable, they were created as
> > TBooleanField. That's fine.
> >
> Attention, if you have a lot of Tables, SP or View in your database, you
> can have some performance issue at program startup.
> As Jason as said in newsgroup at 06/06/2005, in IBO some queries who
> fetch the database structure "may not be working optimally". If you use
> Domain and TIB_Connection.FieldEntryType for define Booleans fields you
> can have this kind of performance problem.
> At now i prefer this road:
> 1) i modify all my applications for don't fetch domains: using
> ColumnAttributes for define BooleanFields on every TIBOQuery (or
> TIBOTable) and set TIB_Connection.FieldEntryType=[];
> 2) i set SchemaCacheDir for use SchemaCache and i manage the SchemaCache
> version table;
> Enrico.