Subject Re: [IBO] Basic Questions
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:18 PM 30/10/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>I am going to use IB for my database program. but I don't know whether
>to use DDL (eg:IBTable.Append) or SQL commands(eg: INSERT INTO)?
>what do you suggest?

Judging by this and your previous question, you might be in the wrong
list. IBTable is an InterBaseXpress (IBX) component. This group is for
using IB Objects (IBO), a set of components that does (better) the same job
as IBX is meant to do.

As a tip, don't use table components with InterBase.

However "DDL" doesn't mean using table components. DDL = Data Definition
Language, it's the subset of SQL that you use to create databases and the
objects in them. It has no relevance to the IBTable component whatsoever.

InterBase is about client/server: clients applications using SQL queries
to retrieve/operate on database objects.

If your InterBase choice happens to be the ancient, rusty old free IB
6.0.anything, forget it. It's buggy and it's dead. Use Firebird if you
want a free DBMS that's maintained, supported and constantly in