Subject Migrating BDE/Paradox to Firebird
Author curufinwe2000
I'm migrating some tables from Paradox to Firebird using IBO TDataset
components... Replacing TTable by TIBOTable, and TQuery by TIBOQuery...

Im having two problems:

1) I have a Varchar(10) field that have '01-002' (by example), without
blanks on the end, and in my application when I try to locate using
locate method from TIBOTable, passing the value '01-002 ' (with
blanks on the end, because it comes this way from my edit component),
the method cant locate the record, and when I was using TTable, worked
fine this way.

2) I have some queries where I have where clauses like 'Where Enabled =
True', well I get error, because there's no "True" field. IBO provides
some automatic way to chance my "True" constants do "'Y'" on the fly?