Subject Re: [IBO] Transactions
Author Robert martin
Hi Lester

The main code is unchanged and yes when I step through the code the 10s
occurs on the commit statement. I have backed up the DB and restored so
it is fresh and the problem still occurs.

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Lester Caine wrote:

>Robert martin wrote:
>>We have a large processing block that I have surrounded by one
>>transaction as if any part fails we want to rollback and retry. However
>>the process is now much slower! With autocommit and default IBO
>>transaction it takes about 0.4s to process. With an explicit
>>starttransaction / commit it now takes 11s !!!
>OK Autocommit would process each action at once, start/commit will wait
>until the commit before doing the 'housekeeping'. I presume that if you
>single step this in the debugger, the main loop is quite fast, but the
>commit takes the time? In 'innards' of the block is unchanged between
>the two versions?
>It is not particularly disturbing when a commit takes a little while,
>but the jump here seems perhaps a bit larger than I'd expect.