Subject Re: [IBO] Catastrophic Failures on Hyperthreading machines
Author Zach Saw
nope, I can be 100% certain the usage is perfectly legal.

Actually I've just found that it is a bug in the firebird API
(fbclient.dll / gds32.dll) that causes the failure. And C++ Builder
doesn't like IBO -- IB_Component.pas is way too long -- C++ builder
doesn't link to it properly.

Anyway, I've ditched IBObject completely and currently using IBPP,
which is a thinner + cleaner interface to firebird. That way, I
managed to isolate bugs related to firebird server / client api or c++
builder (mind you, in a lot of cases, it is C++ builder that fails).

Rule of thumb -- do **NOT** use IBO with C++ Builder. It's not compatible.

> I've been running Fb+IBO on a hyperthreading machine for some time, no
> problems. Do you try to start multiple threads withing _one_
> connection? I think this will fail, and - with HT - quickly.
> --
> Aage J.