Subject Re: TimeoutProps
Author Stephen Boyd
> Did you actually follow through to the details of each
> member by clicking on the green hyperlinks?
Yes I did read the detail on all of the members and I still can't be
certain how the settings actually interact.

> >For example, what is the difference between AllowCheckAOT and
> > They appear to be identical from what I have been able to deduce
> >the somewhat sparse documentation provided.
> If you read the detail you'll find that they are different parts of
> mechanism.

I read the detail again and perhaps I have a slightly better
understanding but I'm stil not sure. Suppose I set AllowCheckAOT to
60 and Attempt to 60. Does this mean that IBO won't check for active
transactions until 60 seconds have elapsed and then will attempt to
fetch caFetchAll datasets to EOF for another 60 seconds before
closing the transaction? Is the time set in AllowCheckAOT start when
the transaction is started or from the last activity for that

> >Also, I have not been
> >able to get any kind of idea about what AttemptRetry and
AttemptTicks do.
> >
> >Maybe I'm just thick but additional explanation would be
> It doesn't seem as if you have read all of the help detail...could
it be
> that you have a very old (e.g. pre-2003) help file? You could
download the
> most recent one from the IBO website...
> Helen