Subject Re: Catastrophic Failures on Hyperthreading machines
Author Zach Saw
> > So from this I can conclude -- either IBO or Firebird is not ready
> > to be ran on HT machines yet (read: IBO/Firebird crashes on HT
> > machines. I'm not saying it doesn't utilize HT). Anyone else seeing
> > this problem?
> this is well known. Search the firebird newsgroup for hyperthreading.

I did... the only thing ever mentioned about HT in firebird newsgroup
is that it doesn't uses the second thread. Not fatal crashes.

> the server is not equipped for HT - disable it if you want to mount
FB on a
> such a machine

On a client's machine, you can never be sure HT is always disabled --
unless we perform a check to make sure it's disabled before starting,
and for that matter, every few seconds' interval (in case user chose
to hibernate and and re-enable HT)...

BTW, Firebird server DID NOT crash when HT was enabled -- the only
thing that crashed was IBO and its dll (gds32.dll / fbclient.dll).

Firebird Newsgroup never mentioned about HT crashing fbclient.dll /
gds32.dll. But if you know which thread specifically to look at for
this report, I'll be more than happy to take a look.

Thanks Alan.