Subject Re: [IBO] This is a potential problem -- exception from IBObject
Author zachs78
Hi Helen,

Yeah I'm doing it with local loopback (i.e. TCP/IP). My IB_Sessions
are created during runtime (therefore not dropped down from
palette). And it is the first thing created, followed by
IB_Connection and IB_Transaction. IB_Connection's defaultTransaction
is then assigned with the IB_Transaction.

This suddenly dawned on me!

Do I have to explicitly assign my IB_Session to the IB_Connection
and IB_Transaction when I create it during runtime? What other
properties do I have to explicitly assign in this case?

Oh god. If this is really the problem, I'm gonna throw myself over
my office window! :)

Thanks again. I'll try it out and let you know...

> Since you didn't reflect back, I'll ask again: are you trying to
do this
> stuff with LOCAL connections? You *must* use local loopback if
you are
> threading connections....the access violations tell me that you
> haven't taken that key thing on board. Note also that EACH thread
> have its own ib_session (explicit, drop down from the palette)
*and* the
> session must be the first thing created in the thread.
> Helen