Subject invalid transaction handle exception
Author zachs78
I'm seeing the following error after an intensive burst of activity
from the clients:

Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -901
invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start)

TIBOInternalDataset: "dmHost_6.DSModule.tblWebUser.<TIBOInternalDatas

Once one client runs into this error, all the rest of the client
follows. Any requests from the client will continue to result in the
exception above.

I'm running a MIDAS-like middle tier application server where the
server has 8 threads and thus, 8 connections to the database through

Using the implicit transaction has worked flawlessly when there is
little activity. Once the activity goes up, we keep seeing errors
such as the above.

I would be very grateful if someone can tell me when an explicit
transaction is required, and when I can rely on the implicit
transaction (as suggested by the IBO help file) -- and why does the
exception only happen when the activity goes up (we monitored the
activity through a log file from our MIDAS-like server).

Configuration of IBO version 4.5.Ai:

TIBTable with TIB_Session, TIB_Connection and TIB_Transaction

TIB_Transaction is set such as:
ServerAutoCommit = false;
AutoCommit = false;
Isolation = tiCommitted;

As for TIB_Connection:
Protocol = cpTCP_IP;

IDE: C++ Builder 6 with Update Pack 4 and latest ilink32.

Firebird Version: 1.5.2 super server.