Subject Re: [IBO] To change ROLE without closing the possible connection and?
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:25 PM 11/10/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>It would like to know if it has as I to change ROLE of the IBODataBase
>without closing the connection therefore already

No. ROLE (if used) is unconditionally an attribute of a database connection.

>I have a connected user so I would like to change I ROLE it for mine app.
>I tried IBODATABASE.LoginSQLROLE: = ' NewROLE ' and also
>IBODATABAse.SQLROLE:='NewROLE '; with hardwired IBODATABASE, when
>I make this I finish receiving an error it delphi

It is not supported. Period. It's nothing to do with Delphi or IBO. It
is the way SQL privileges work, by design.

>Use IBO 4.3Aa + delphi 7 + Firebird 1.5
>Or I would have obligatorily that to close the connection to change ROLE?