Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Transaction.Close
Author Alan McDonald
> Actually, the help doesn't say what you said it says. It says it's
> *typically* used under those conditions - indeed, it's in the
> ib_transaction's destructor.

I said it said "only"
you say it says "typically"

it actually says "typically only".

I take "only" here to take precedence over "typically"

leave "only" out if you intend "Close" to be used in other typical settings.

> >or it's connection.
> Transaction.Close is like a "friendly" commit. It first calls
> Commit and,
> if there is an exception, it silently intercepts it and rolls back
> instead. Once that's settled, there are no open cursors. That's a
> different situation from calling Close on a dataset, since closing a
> dataset doesn't do anything on the server side (other than to complete
> fetching any rows still waiting to be fetched); once the EOF is file is
> encountered, it then clears the buffers.
> I'm not even sure that Transaction.Close clears the dataset
> buffers, since
> it might leave that to the datasets to do themselves, in their own
> destructors. I haven't checked that in the sources, but you could...
> Helen