Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Transaction.Close
Author Alan McDonald
> At 11:04 PM 9/10/2005 +1000, you wrote:
> >What's the neatest way to "close" a transaction if you want all
> the queries
> >using the transaction to also close and you're too lazy to close them
> >individually?
> >I call IB_Transaction.Commit, and then what?
> Iterate through its Datasets[] array (from 0 to DatasetCount - 1), test
> each for Active and if Active then Close

fascinating! the for loop reveals that for each "real" or my dataset using
the transaction, there are another two unnamed datasets present for
IB_Queries but only one when IB_Cursor is used - which correlates with my 16
_datasetcount when 5 IB_Queries and 1 IB_Cursor is connected.
These unnamed queries have SQLSelect text present which match the named

Heaven knows (without digging for hours thru source code) how this comes
about. Anyone know?
PS - it's academic really I'm not sweating over it :-)