Subject Re: [IBO] Empty string and NULL value
Author scr0546
> >procedure "DatasetToCDS" to copy data into a Clientdataset
> Might a curious person ask what you are trying to achieve with this?
> Helen

It's an easy way when the user has to work with a copy of records from
database and no changes should be written back.
a) For example deleting, changing, special filtering,... before
printing or for another action where I only have to check the changed
values ... So I don't have to use cached-updates or take care of
commit/rollback ...
b) I use Clientdataset for XML-export.
c) I also use kbmMemTable for that purpose when the user has to select
(and change) some records by copying records from one dbgrid to another
(where he can see and edit his choice) for further actions.