Subject Re: [IBO] IBO/IB_Query PrepareSQL question - does it fire on form creation? can I avoid that?
Author G. Nau
thanks for your reply. I'm activating the queries while formshow,
where everything is set correctly (parameters, added where
I've found the reason for that initial prepare: I set the query active in
the IDE! So putting it back to "active=false" during IDE development,
prevents the initial call to the even.

Thanks for your help

Am 4 Oct 2005 um 10:26 hat Helen Borrie geschrieben:

> >I'm just playing around with the onprepareSQL events of IBOquery and
> >IB_query.
> >Am I right, that both are firing during the form create event (which is also
> >establishing the above query components)?
> Yes, if you make the datasets active during FormCreate. This isn't good
> client/server practice anyway, and is a relic of the BDE and Paradox.

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