Subject ComboBox & DropdownList
Author Daniel Jimenez

A few months ago, I ask a question regarding the IBObjets ComboBox &
DropdownList. The problem I was having then, which is the same problem I am
having now is as follows:

The problem is that once the grid has loaded the data, and a user clicks on
the LookupCombo, which in turn makes the LookupList display its contents,
the first time it is displayed, the LookupList is small in size (width and
height, so that it contains scroll bars), if the user clicks on the same
LookupCombo once more, this second and any subsequent times the LookupList
is displayed with the correct width and height.

I have made sure that all records are pulled into the LookUPCombo,
LookUpList combination, as there where some suggestions, that it may be
caused by not all records being pulled into the control.

Thank you in advance.


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