Subject IBObjects - Installation
Author cassialgd
dear friends,

I am beginner with IBObjects and I am trying to install it, but an
error has occurred.
I downloaded the file evaluation kit at url: I unzip it and run the
installation file IBO4_5_Ai_Eval.exe... when it is finishing it shown
the dialog message: "there appear to be a conflict with another
installation of IBO. Please properly uninstall prior installations
and try this installation again". But I never have installed it
before. So I tried to install it manually and another error occurred:
I openned the IBO40_D6.bpg in my Delphi6.0 and run Project/compile
all projects and it show the error message: "File not found:
IB_Components.dcu". I have searched this file in my hard disk and not

Somebody know what is happening?

Any help is welcome

thanks in advanced