Subject master / detail inserts
Author Peter Lee

I have a master / detail relationship with some edit boxes etc on a
form.. here is the sql.

SELECT address_id, company_id, main_address from l_address_comp
where company_id = 4

select address_id, description, line_1, line_2, line_3, city, state,
postcode, country_iso,
(select PRINTABLE_COUNTRY_NAME from country ct where ct.iso =
a.COUNTRY_ISO) as country_desc
from address a
where a.address_id = :addressID

In the detail query, I've setup the masterSource and masterParamLinks
properties. Everything works fine when displaying data that already
exists... and it is all editable. Multiple adresses come up, lookup
field country_desc works fine etc.

However, I can't insert! In the master query after insert event, I do
an insert into the detail query, and set the key values. However, you
can't type anything into the edit boxes... am I missing something?


Peter Lee