Subject How to encrypt/decrypt during a query or before actually showing data?
Author Chuck Belanger

I'm working on an application that will have an associated DB and will
be distributed for desktop use. I'd like to encrypt some of the fields
and then have the application decrypt these as part of the query or
certainly before accessing them via various edits, memos, richedit, etc.
These fields (including text BLOBs) will not be written to, so there is
no need to encrypt before writing in the distributed application.
(Although, obviously, I need to encrypt as I create/pump into the
distributed DB.)

I've seen that TField has the Get/SetText events which from a Borland KB
article sounds like a perfect match for what I'm trying to do. Is there
anything like it for IBObjects for use in the IB_xx components,
especially the IB_DataPump? Or some other option that will do what I'm
trying to do in the query?

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So, I found that IB_Query.FieldByName(asString).OnSET/GETText exist as
an event of TIB_Column and that this is the equivalent of TField. But
how do I access and create a encryption/decryption routine in these
events? Any examples on how to use these events, especially for what I'm
trying to do?

I've been using 4.2Ie version of IBO and FB 1.5, D7.

Thank you,

Chuck Belanger
Richmond, CA