Subject Changes in IncSearch from 4.2 to 4.3
Since I have updated my application from IBO 4.2 to IBO 4.3Aa, I have a
problem with incremental searching. I have a customers-table with a
field SAP-Nr, which is a Not Null Integer. I use incremental searching
on this field to find a specific customer. Now I have the problem (with
IBO 4.3Aa), that some customers can be found by the SAP-Nr and some not,
which means, I enter an existing SAP-Nr, but the customer isn't found. I
have an old version of my application, that is built with IBO 4.2 and
there all customers can be found by the SAP-Nr.
Now I want to know, if this is a known problem with IBO 4.3Aa and here
is the solution for it. So I can save a lot of time for debugging a
error, which is already solved.

BTW, since IBO 4.3 the procedure AssignSQLWithSearch doesn't assign the
parameter-values anymore.



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