Subject Re: [IBO] Store an Restore a file from a BLOB field
Author Daniel Rail

At January 19, 2005, 12:55, skander_sp wrote:

> I solver the problem finally

> Really the matter it VERY strange...

> I'm doing well, but not going so well.

> The problem was the blob definition (really I don't know WHY)
> I defined the blob field as BLOB type 2 (I think the type is not
> important if I worj myself the field)

Actually, you should avoid BLOB subtype 2. That's a blob subtype that
is used internally by Firebird, to store the BLR code of stored
procedures and triggers. And, it's very likely that Firebird tries to
apply a blob filter on those blobs to show you the BLR code in text
format. But, in your case it's not BLR code. Some database tools do
default to BLOB subtype 2, for which I don't know why (i.e.: EMS
Quickdesk, I can't say if the latest version now under the name DB
Manager still does the same).

> I changed the type to 0 (text, but I really wotj with bynary) but now
> all work fine.

BLOB subtype 0 is binary.
BLOB subtype 1 is text.

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